måndag 23 mars 2009

Instant gothification of the trendy bag

Recently a friend of mine humoured me on how I need to put a bauhaus pin on everything I own in order go never be a girl with a black blazer and a black leather bag and thus possible quite ordinary, but always the obnoxious goth. I have a wide assortment of pins to help me on the way:

My favourite among all of these is the simple black and white Bauhaus logo. I own about five or six of them and they are in constant rotation on my blazers and bags. I'm actually contemplating ordering a larger amount of them from a pin making company just to always have a stash and pretty much sprinkle them on everything I own... The Bauhaus log is really all you need. Got a nice black leather bag? Useful, pretty, but maybe on the trendy side of things? This is what always creeps me out, you see. I love these 80's inspiered leather patch work bags, but they're awful trendy right now:
And voila! Not a problem any more. No self respecting fashionista would poke a pin through her Brand Bag just in order to make a band statement. I don't have that problem.

But the challenge continuous! So, can the red leather bag be goth, ever? It's a nice red 80's leather bag, also quite trendy. I read some swedish style magazine where people got to state what they'd buy this spring if they could only buy ONE item. Several mentioned a red leather bag or a raspberry red suede jacket. No judgement on the raspberry suedejacket, however much I'd like to. I once owned a black fringed suede jacket, bought only to increasy my Carl McCoy-ishness, but it was a huge fail. My figure took several unfortunate hits from the shape of it. It just had to go. Anyway, back to the red leatherbag. Save it from trendiness and kick it into goth terrirory?

Of course it can be saved from a fate as a Spring Must 2009. Please note the Bauhaus pin. Instant gothification.

And then, maybe the trendiest little bag of them all: The vintage mock chanel quilted bag. I like quilted letaher, but I loathe the chanel bags with golden chains and all their copies. Very few of them feels interesting and crazy 80's enough, and most of them rekindle memories of rich, angry elderly realtives. This one how ever passed since it has no chains and is rather plain. It still looks like I'm trying to make the statement of wanting said Chanel purse when it's not correctly pimped.
...and it's a goth bag. It's black, it's leather, it has a bauhaus logo on it. What more can you ask?
Gererally our conclusion is that all it really takes is a Bauhaus logo. You don't need five or six pins supporting eachother to create a "correct" image of your musical taste. You're grown up, you need to go to work, but the high school student in you still wants people to think "artsy chick" then "fashionista" when they see you. The Bauhaus logo is old school enough, it's artsy enough, and people don't "get it". It's the ultimate gothifier!

PS. The ultimate challenge would be a pink quilted knock off... *starts looking*

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  1. subkulturella tillhörighetsmarkörer, det bästa jag vet!